MA Final Project

Your attention is valuable — and profitable. How can we escape the attention economy? Public parks might be the answer.

Duncan Terrace Gardens is a ‘nature highway’, a green corridor that allows London's flora and fauna to travel safely through the capital. Where London's human networks are well charted, our nature networks are far less documented.

In collaboration with the community that cares for the park, I designed a map to illustrate its diverse inhabitants. During my investigation, I discovered that physical drawing is a powerful method for learning to identify new species. Identification can allow us to understand these multi-layered habitats, opening up a new curiosity gap that drives our attention. My drawings evolved into a map of varying scales to aid visitors and volunteers in identifying the park's diverse trees, nectar sources, birds, and pollinators. Observation, identification, and awareness can initiate what Richard Powers calls ‘plant consciousness’, a powerful sense of connection to the living world that fosters respect and curiosity.

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